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Sequim Photos is an exciting site for anyone from out-of-state who wants to visually experience life in Sequim.  We have stunning Sequim waterfront and Sequim water view photos, majestic mountains, wildlife galore, outdoor recreation, community activities for all ages, and so much more.  Chuck Marunde has been writing about Sequim and life in Sequim for many years going back 18 years, and has over 1,100 articles about Sequim on the Internet and thousands of photos and videos.  He also has written a book about Buying and Selling Real Estate in the Rain Shadow.  But that isn’t enough.

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In a conversation about how so many people from out-of-state would like to see more of Sequim in photos, Judy Stirton and Chuck Marunde decided it was time to take our photos to the Internet and share them.  We also welcome good photos from anyone.  Photos should be emailed one at a time to chuckmarunde@gmail.com and should be 900 pixels wide.  We are excited about sharing the beauty of Sequim and the extraordinary lifestyle we have been blessed with here.  We hope our passion for living here is expressed in our photographs.

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We hope you enjoy the photos, and notice that you can leave comments below the photos, which gives this site an interactive component.  As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but with your comments, a picture will be worth much more.

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